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I am Gene Hunt, Realtor.  I’m in the business of helping people buy, sell and invest in Real Estate.  I work a wide area of California around the San Francisco South Bay.  From Berkeley in the north, to Monterey in the South.  East to Concord and West to the beaches of Santa Cruz. 

My primary area of service is West San Jose, Campbell and Los Gatos.  I’ve been in Real Estate since 1994 and specifically in Real Estate sales since 1998. 

I am available to service the entire state of California.

My clients find someone who fully duplicates their needs, wants and dreams. 

They realize that my knowledge and experience can be relied upon to help them through house hunting and selection. 


They gain a complete understanding of the contracts, forms and disclosures used in Real Estate.   Clients of mine know they’ve someone who’ll negotiate with their best interest in mind.  Being fully accountable and fulfilling all fiduciary responsibilities while maintaining strict confidentiality, my clients have successfully found their dream home.


When selling a home, my clients discover an attention to detail in presentation, disclosures, negotiations and forms.  They always achieve their goals.

I love helping people make their dreams come true.  Whether buying or selling, seeing others accomplish their goal is extremely rewarding.  I am passionate about duplicating my client’s goals and helping to accomplish them.


I insist upon clear communication to ensure I fully grasp my client’s hopes and to clarify every aspect of the process.  Additionally, I’m emphatic about personal property rights and work to ensure my clients have all the benefits of owning Real Estate.


When I first got my Real Estate license, I went into mortgage financing.  The interest rates were coming down from double digit highs then, so I got lots of quick practical experience.  One of my clients came to me with a contract to buy a home.  She was hoping to buy this home for her house keeper.  The Agent on the contract was a very well-known local Agent.  I noticed the names on the title to the property were different than those on the purchase contract.  I was able to track down the missing owners who lived in Southern California and informed them I needed their signatures to have a fully executed contract.  I was told they co-owned the home with their daughter.  They told me they had no intention of selling the home, the person who signed the purchase contract was their daughter’s boyfriend and had no interest in the property.  I realized then that despite having a well-known name in local Real Estate, that didn’t mean my client was protected or understood what they had signed when they made the agreement to buy the home.  I decided at that moment to begin protecting and educating people interested in Real Estate ownership.


I plan to continue to grow my business by providing stellar service to those wishing to make changes in their Real Estate portfolio.  Additionally, I plan to work to make the local industry of Real Estate more responsive to the public interested in Real Estate. 

Further, I intend to work with our local Realtor Association to protect personal property rights and expanding housing within my service area.


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Whether you’re searching for your dream home in the heart of Silicon Valley or looking to maximize the value of your property, Gene Hunt is the Realtor you can trust. Experience the difference of working with a true industry leader who puts your goals first.



Gene’s integrity, professionalism, and attention to detail ensure that your interests are protected at all times.


Contact W. Gene Hunt today and let his passion, experience, and dedication propel you towards real estate success. Together, we’ll make your dreams a reality.

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W. Gene Hunt

There is no one more Dedicated to your Goals” A motto earned not just a jingle made of hope. Angela D. says; “I feel you really got to know me as a person and by doing so you understood my needs and preferences.

Lisa D. had this to say; “I attempted to renegotiate my loan with my bank. Much to my dismay, the bank low-balled the value of my home…even in light of the improvements I’d made. I am glad to report that my experience with you was a much happier experience. I found my business dealings with you to be professional, efficient and courteous.

Linda R. sent this in; “Thank you for the help you provided in refinancing our house. I thought you would like to know that the “cost” of refinancing turned out better than we expected it would.